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Hammerhead Bangstikxx XL Special Edition Barrel

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We get many requests to make a longer version Bangstikxx so that player can use our barrel on their sniper setup to shoot First Strike and shaped rounds.
This is a limited run, these will not be in production again.

HammerHead® barrels are the most advanced paintball barrel in the industry today. Gun-drilled from solid aluminum barstock, not tubing due to the need to hold “Extremely Tight” tolerances so we can produce the finest quality barrel possible. Our barrels are manufactured to exacting tolerances for accuracy, sound displacement and weight. Each barrel is carefully milled, micro-honed and polished to ensure these tolerances do not deviate from our engineering parameters. Under development for more then 6 years, HammerHead® is the state of the art in barrel engineering. We invite you to test our barrel against the current line of competitors, and discover for yourself why we believe this barrel will be the last one you'll buy. Made in USA.

Features Include:
14" Barrel end to end
Gun Drilled
Reverse Ported
Accepts Shrouds and Hammerhead Muzzle Breaks

Hammerhead Fin required but NOT included