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WidowMaker 8 Inch Barrel With 5 Fin Kit

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WidowMaker - Military Style, 8" rifled gun-drilled barrel specifically designed for woods and scenario paintball. The barrel accepts a sizer that can be threaded for most all markers including Phenom, X7, BT products, Spyder, A5, T98, Cocker, Impulse, Ion, and the muzzle can accept a Hammerhead "Link" for adapting to a Bang Stikxx or a Battle Stikxx  to combine to make an extra-long sniper barrel. The muzzle of the WidowMaker™, will accept all of the Hammerhead muzzles including the M-50, Battle Stikxx™, Bang Stikxx, Snaggletooth, and the reverse ported Magnesium muzzle. The WidowMaker was originally designed for for close quarter play of 25 to 35 meters. However, the shorter barrel competes well with our longer barrels. The "Shortie" rifled barrel provides excellent ball rotation with excellent accuracy. The 8" barrel length provides minimal pressure in front of the ball, and the counter-bored muzzle with the reverse ported muzzle provides smooth ball release with minimal turbulence at the barrel exit. The combined barrel features of shortness, rifling, counter-boring, and reverse porting provide a very air efficient barrel with nice accuracy. Many players combine the WidowMaker™ with a Battle Stikxx muzzle which results in a Mil-Sim product with a silencer look. Made in USA.

Kit comes with:
1 x WidowMaker Barrel
1 x Muzzle Tip (option Bangstikxx - Battlestikxx - Snaggle Tooth)
5 x Fin .679, .683, .686, .688, .690 (select compatible fin for your marker)
1 x Ball Gauge
1 x Lithium Grease pod
1 x Barrel case