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Who We Are

HammerHead® is a company that takes great pride in providing superior quality products to the paintball industry. Our goal is to remain the leader in paintball barrel design while providing state of the art, high quality barrels that will exceed our customers expectations.

We have done the leg work over the past 6 years to develop a paintball barrel system that overcomes many of the problems other barrels have. Our extensive research and testing has yielded what we believe to be the most effective paintball barrel on the market. Don't just take our word for it, take a moment to read a few of the many testimonials we received from our satisfied customers on our feedback page.

HammerHead® is the proud manufacturer of Tippmann's Straightline barrel kit - for more information visit http://www.tippmann.com

We strive to be a consumer friendly company that takes an active role in assisting each of our customers. Give us a call anytime to discuss how our products can improve your game.


To Our Players:

Hammerhead made a strategic decision 6 years ago to invest significant time and monies in state of the art machinery to make our parts. These machines run efficiently and produce high quality parts with virtually no defects. Our business model is based on keeping manufacturing in the USA using High tech equipment that have decreased cycle times, high efficiency rates, produce less material waste, and provide a finished product with very tight tolerances. Advanced state-of-the-art machinery costs more to purchase, the highly skilled operators cost more per hour, but the overall results are higher volumes with increased productivity, with no margin for error. This combination of equipment, engineering, and skilled operators keep Americans employed at competitive prices. We believe you can not put a price on the cost of your reputation. We are committed to making quality products in the USA and help sustain the American dream. We are known for our product Quality and wish to thank the “Tens of Thousands” of Players that have helped us along our journey!

HAMMERHEAD® has an active program of research and engineering that keeps us on the leading edge of paintball complete-system technology. Our barrels are covered by U.S. Patents, No's. 7,302,944 B2 and 7,441,557, and we have other patents pending covering barrels, methods of making barrels, and paintball projectiles.

The following trademarks belong to HAMMERHEAD: Battle Stikxx, Battle Stikxx Recon, Bang Stikxx, Shark Tooth, MoFo, HAMMERHEAD Torpedo, and Protip, as well as "JUST. PLAIN. MEAN.", the distinctive Shark logo, and the distinctive fluted barrel design are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Hammerhead Paintball
Modern Combat Sports

2345 La Mirada Drive
Vista, CA 92081

Monday - Friday, 10:00 - 17:00 Pacific
Phone: +1 (800) 908-9060
Email: info@hammerheadpaintball.com