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Compare our barrels and their barrels shooting.


Result - Our barrel is superior accuracy, tighter ball grouping, quieter and lighter paint quality tolerant

HammerHead - Barrels are the most advanced paintball barrel in the industry today. Gun-drilled from solid aluminum barstock, not tubing due to the need to hold “Extremely Tight” tolerances so we can produce the finest quality barrel possible. Our barrels are manufactured to exacting tolerances for accuracy, sound displacement and weight. Each barrel is carefully milled, micro-honed and polished to ensure these tolerances do not deviate from our engineering parameters. HammerHead® is the state of the art in barrel engineering and we invite you to test our barrel against the current line of competitors

Testing - Our engineers undertook the task of developing a barrel specifically designed for paintball to meet the strict requirements. Existing technology could not meet their needs. Test results showed some of the same principles in the rifle industry applied to paintball but key differences existed due to the liquid fill and ball characteristics

Rifling Process - Our rifling is carefully done using the same process used in making military weapons. The rates of rotation, the depth of rifling, the precise number and dimensions of widths of lands and depth of rifling has has been carefully selected after many, many hours of testing to perform best at shots around 280 ft/sec. Our goal is for Hammerhead's patented combination of sizers, rifling, porting, and muzzel design will leave a smile on on your face. All of the design components just mentioned are critical to achieve superior accuracy including ball sizing, projectile velocity, ball rotation rates, and muzzel design.

Key Findings - Degree of Twist of the rifling is critical to accuracy. Accuracy and downfield sound transmission is positively effected by reverse porting. Reverse Porting is critical for proper ball regeneration. Paint Quality is less sensitive to a rifled barrel. Ball Grouping Improvement achieved with lower standard deviation. Reduced sound levels transmitted downrange.

“Team Arsenal Evolution”
1st Place Winner Huntington Beach Shoots Hammerhead Barrels

Collin Laster of Arsenal Evolution says "Shoot Hammerheads new rifled carbon barrel and you’ll say “MoFo” !! “Normally you think of Hammerhead as a barrel for Scenario Players, but once I tried this barrel out, I was amazed that we can put paint on paint"