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Hammerhead Advantage

Hammerhead: Dominate - Eliminate - Win
Hammerhead leader in paintball barrel design while providing state of the art, high quality barrels that will exceed our customers expectations. Get the unfair advantage! Get a Hammerhead barrel!  Hear what our customer have to say about our barrels.

"It's incredibly accurate!"
Daniel Quong

"It's unbelievable!"
Mitchell Aceved

"Thank you for you time and amazing Barrel"
Alex Montgomery

"Once you go Hammerhead, you will never go back!"
Vincent Cazerares

"This is the best barrel I have ever used!"
Tyler Leu

"The hammerhead made my Spyder shoot twice as accurate as before. I can now hit a 12" square at 35 yards and I can shoot cheap paint."
Allen Foley

"Talk about accuracy!! This is the best barrel in the world!!"
Travis Roberts

"I can hit a spot 1 foot square at 60 yards. Can't believe how accurate this barrel is!"
Gerald Lyons