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“Team Arsenal Evolution”
1st Place Winner Huntington Beach Shoots Hammerhead Barrels

Collin Laster of Arsenal Evolution says "Shoot Hammerheads new rifled carbon barrel and you’ll say “MoFo” !! “Normally you think of Hammerhead as a barrel for Scenario Players, but once I tried this barrel out, I was amazed that we can put paint on paint"

We can say a lot about our barrels but, in all fairness, we would like you to read what our customers are saying.

After being in the sport for over 3 years, I've gone through just about every barrel I could think off. At first when I heard of HammerHead's barrels I was quite skeptical of the claims they made and didn't touch them for some time. That was a year ago. Boy was that ever a big mistake. I've been able to long ball close to over 200 feet but accuracy was always on the poor side. But then after shooting RAP4's rifled barrels and noticed improved performance in terms of accuracy and consistancy, I started to have thoughts about getting a HammerHead. Finally, after 8 months of holding back getting a HammerHead kit, I finally got one. Got the BangStikxx and put out 50 rounds the first day I played. I've never shot so little but it was basically due to the nature of the game I play, marksmanship at close and long range. One shot does it for me. Eliminated 31 people that day and was a big improvement over my usual 500 rounds I would go through. The next day, curious of the reports from the players I shot against, they said they didn't even hear me firing at them. I figured I'd go out and do some testing. Sure enough, they were right. The downrange report was very minimal and accuracy was just superb, well past 200 feet. 450 balls were shot (only bought a bag of 500 the previous day) and 200 was for downrange report at different ranges. 250 was for accuracy and consistancy tests.

I was able to hit the target within' a 3" inch group (perfect for scoring headshots if you're brave enough to take it) at ranges from 50, 75, 100 and 150 feet. At 200 feet, I started noticing the groups getting a tad bit larger but heck, it was still good enough for a one shot, one kill scenario. If the OpFor didn't see the first shot, he won't hear it and the second shot will be right on. My kind of game.

Thanks so much HammerHead! I'm extremely satisfied and exclusive user with the Sharktooth barrel for CQBs, Bangstikxx for assault/riflemen games and Straightline (courtesy of Tippmann) barrel for marksman games with limited ammo. I ended up giving away all my barrels I've owned simply because the HammerHead barrel did all the work for me. I couldn't be much happier with my game.
Keith Sanders a.k.a. Ichikisu Sandesu - Regina, Saskatchewan
  Well conditions couldn't possibly have been any worse for paintball. It was raining all day hot and humid. I was using the 14" Battlestikxx on my Tippmann X7 with Egrip using CO2. The paint quality was mid to low grade and still the barrel fired real accurate I was picking off targets that couldn't land a shot near me. I conserved a lot of paint only having to fire a few shot to take down a single target. By far the best barrel I have ever used and I've tried a lot of different barrels! I had very few balls break and I blame that more on the weather conditions and the not so great paint. My buddy used the 12" Dominator barrel on his X7 which has pretty much the same set up as mine. He loved the barrel so much he offered to buy it off of me. So all in all you have 2 very satisfied customers.


I just received my hammerhead pro-tip. I couldn't wait to test as I have seen your barrels on different markers at scenarios in my area. I tested it against The barrel that was originally on my marker (a freak all-American) and I can Honestly say that your barrel out shot my original by far. At a distance of about 75 feet, I fired 500 rounds from the All-American from a fixed/supported position, scoring 82.2% (403 of 490 after 10 rounds for sighting). I then tested the Pro-tip with the same Freak insert and 500 rounds from the same box from the same fixed/supported position. After 10 rounds for sighting, i scored an amazing 97.5% (478 out of 490) in a much tighter group than the All American. The target I was using was a standard target shooting silhouette used for target shooting. I only had 8 rounds that landed outside the 4 point circle on the silhouette. This is the barrel I needed to improve my game and I will pass all of my information to my teammates and scenario paintball friends.

Thank you for you time and amazing Barrel.
Alex Montgomery

D-Day 6/07 - We had heard of Hammerhead barrels but never thought they'd outperform our old barrels as well as they did. We talked with Robert at the Hammerhead tent at Oklahoma D-Day. He welcomed us to test them out with no strings attached, so we did. We were sold when one of my buddies stitched 6 consecutive shots up the side of a telephone pole all the way across the airball field. By the time we finished there was a crowd outside. We walked back to the booth and dropped our cash on the table. Before we could even finish paying out, there were several new customers who had witnessed our little test and were wanting to buy. The next day, just as Robert had promised, we were making shots we had never made before. It should come as no surprise that the Hellions Scenario Paintball Team now fully endorses Hammerhead barrels.
Lonnie Colson -- Hellions Paintball (Chicago, IL)

I finally got to use the barrel in play, all I can say is WOW! I had a surprising advantage over all the other players as I could hold them off from a distance and they couldn't even get a ball close. Every time I aimed the marker at an opponent and pressed the trigger, I got a hit. Of course this sent the field after me, so I got as good as I gave. I shot through approximately 1200 balls and in those I had one or two ball breaks. I figured I had a ball break when the balls coming out were wildly curving all over the place, but just as you said, when I shot through a few balls, everything cleared up fine. I am extremely happy with my purchase and I wanted you to know it.
Thanks again,

I heard about hammerhead barrels from hanging out on paintball forums. There was a lot of debate about it, but I thought the design was really incredible, so I looked more into it. I found that most of the people who didnt have it said it was gimmicky, but the people who actually owned one swore by them. A friend of mine pointed me in the direction of the APG article. That is what really sold me. I ordered it the day I got my a5. I got some paintballs and went out to the woods for some scenario action. Wow, I didnt think a paintball gun could be that accurate. The thing was DEAD on. I was hitting people from 150 feet away like it was nothing. This barrel was everything I could have hoped for. Laying down 100 bucks for a barrel got me a little worried, but after shooting it, I will never shoot anything else. So I just wanted to say thanks for making a fantastic barrel that is totally worth its weight in gold.

STOP the presses! Shark Attack on UK shores, Paintballers afraid to enter the field
The Christmas break is minutes old and we have eyewitness talk of a feeding frenzy over the weekend.

"The Marshall called GAME ON and out of nowhere, it was shark city, It was a paint bath." a victim said.

Another, recalled his encounter with the stranger to our waters,

"I was making my way back to a bunker close to our home base, safe I hear you say, I would have agreed but what happen next has changed my perception of safe."

He said he didn't see or hear the shark, "All I felt was a burning sensation on my leg, then I knew it was over".

Finally we found a father and son team who had actually set eyes on the beast.

"I had a ball sent straight towards my face from a distance that still leaves me breathless, I wipe the paint away with my left arm (head shots don't count around here) and as I did that I was thinking get to cover then WHAM another ball thumped my right arm" the father reported.

With father and son only a few meters away from cover and hearing his father plea to his son to leave him behind, his son became another statistic.

"I ignored him. I stayed with him. It seem minute but in fact was only seconds. All I can say is Awesome".

In closing, all the players have vowed to continue paintballing but admit they will be more cautious in the field.

Hammerhead Just plain mean, thanks for giving me the edge
Kurt Flockton, United kingdom c

"First of all, i would like to say that Hammerhead has THE BEST customer service i have recieved in any type of purchase. I practically had a correspondence with the top Hammerhead people about what to get and why. Then i had another conversation about how to use the grease and ball-sizer. The Battlestikxx shoots the best i have seen any barrel shoot. i would suggest this barrel to any serious paintballer. The Sharktooth is far too accurate for a barrel of its size. i am very happy with my purchase, and plan to do more with Hammerhead in the future."

I wanted to take this time and say thank you to you and your staff for hooking me up for quite possibly the best barrel system I have ever used or bought. I used it on the A-5 all day a few weeks ago and was long balling guys on top of a mountain with no compromise in accuracy or velocity. Guys were just amazed that I was hitting them from that range. At just a little over 150 ft or so.....I was even outshooting my friends and thier flatlines. I used the smaller barrel on the ACP for CQB work and wow.....the groupings were amazing. So in short I am very very impressed with the quality and accuracy these barrels deliver. I am going to recommend them to the team as promised....all 100+ players.

The Hammerhead Barrel System is Awesome? When we first approached Hammerhead, we told them we wanted to test the barrel, because we were sponsored, had our own barrels, and didn't want to change unless it clearly outperformed all of our current barrels. We locked the guns down, chronographed them, and fired paint in every barrel we had. The hammerhead was noticeably more accurate than every barrel we had, and we had all the "Big Name Brands". We found breaks shoot clean after a few shots, and shoots cheap paint well. This barrel is definitely worth the investment! Micah Wilder-President and Captain of Purdue Boiler Makers.

World Cup 2003 Winners
Purdue Boilermakers

'It's incredibly accurate!'
Daniel Quong . Hawaii

'It's unbelievable!'
Mitchell Acevedo . Dallas

'My hammerhead outshoot's all barrels in accuracy and consistency. Since I have had my Hammerhead Fin system, the number of tags has gone up at least 30%. I can now make those long shots much more consistently. Anyone want a Freak, cheap?'
Mathew Castillo

Gris Garcia - Hot Shots (Austin, Texas)

'The hammerhead made my Spyder shoot twice as accurate as before. I can now hit a 12" square at 35 yards and I can shoot cheap paint.'
Allen Foley

'I have been playing since 1987, and I have never shot anything like this. By far the best barrel I have ever slung paint with.'
Cow-boy, Dallas Texas

'Dude, these THINGS are FREAKING AWSOME! THIS HAMMERHEAD shoots better than anything I have ever shot!'

'I've shot the fin system a lot and have had great experiences with it. Chop a ball, and the barrel cleans in just a few balls. I didn't even have to use a squeegee.'

'My Hammerhead outshoot's my Empire Hands down on my Spyder!'
Robert Jordon - Texas Outlaws

'Once you go Hammerhead, you will never go back!'
Vincent Cazerares - Texas Outlaws

'As a referee for Predator in San Antonio, I see a lot of barrels. I play all the time, and the Hammerhead Fin system is absolutely awesome. Finally, someone made a barrel that really does what they say. It shoots on- target more accurately than any barrel I have ever shot. With the Hammerhead, you can find out who can shoot or not. I can now can put 3 balls on top of each other at 30 yards. Get this barrel or stay in your bunker.'
Andy Pettit - San Antonio

I have been playing for 15 years, and this barrel is the most accurate barrel I have ever shot. I broke paint in it, and the barrel cleaned itself in 3 shots.'
Bambi Bullard

'I bought a front from Hammerhead and screwed it on my freak system, and it shoots great! The hammerhead on my Freak is an awesome combo, and I didn't have to toss my freak system away!'
Kwikman - Dallas, Texas

"This is the most amazing barrel I've ever used. Ultra quiet, extremely accurate, and man is it light. I finally have the accuracy of a cocker, with the speed of my Angel. Anybody wanna buy a Boomstick?"
Brandon Young - Roanoke, VA

"Chris Agan, using a cocker, felt like
he was 'shooting tacks'. I personally felt I was fairly accurate with my
piranha. With the Hammerhead barrel I couldn't believe how much more accurate I was. Changed the whole gun. Darrell Beck, also using a cocker, felt he couldn't have placed the balls any better than if he'd walked over and placed them there himself. He also said your barrel far out performed the freak set."
Adam Larson RT

"You do not know me but I am taking time to write this letter beause of 1 of your sponsored teams Team Impact from Alberta Canada. I have gotten to know Ed Cordova over the years from playing against him and have come to value his advice. I had asked what he thought of his Hammerhead barrels. He Flat out told me there isn't a better barrel out there seeing as ED was a sponsored player I took that as him doing his job promoting his sponsors. So I asked a few more questions regarding them. I use a Freak System and I have come to or rather used to love it as the be all system. Ed I think sensed my skeptisism. And Said Chris come see me Friday night before MR1 a series we both play in and I will let you try my personal Hammerhead out and let you make the call for yourself as to how good they are. Well Saturday rolled around and I took the field with Ed's own Barrel and I used the 16 inch tip with a 689 back and I have to say my grouping has never been as good with my own Freak system. I got my share of kills that I am not sure I could have made with my old barrel system. So I want to thank you for taking the time to sponsor guys like ED that have made me a believer in your barrels. I plan on purchasing 1 in the very near future.
Chris DuGray
Team Nasty Intentions"

"I have been playing for 13 years and I have shot all of the top ranked barrels over that period. Through the years I have owned 16 barrels and barrel systems. I am here to tell you that none of them were as accurate as my Hammerhead. I have shot feet, hoppers, even hands at 60 feet plus! For fun I have shot soda cans at 40 feet! When people see me sending ropes of paint through 2 foot by 1 and a half foot windows from 20 yards away they all ask me "What are you shooting!" In rec ball games I have actually had people retreat before I fire a shot saying "Watch it! That guy can hit you from far away." I recently hit a guy at about 70 feet in the noggin. He had the ref chrono me to see if I was shooting hot. I was only shooting 240 fps! My girlfriend put a Hammerhead on her cocker and grabbed an extra 40 fps! How's that for efficiency! I tried a friend's marker last weekend and I was totally frustrated. I kept thinking "If I was shooting my Hammerhead I would have marked that guy!" That was it for me. I'm never going back!
Christopher Clark

"If I didn't shoot Hammerhead myself, I would have trouble believing your story. But I do shoot Hammerhead, and that sounds just right.

We had a guest player (a good friend of mine from another team) who played for us at the last tournament. He borrowed a Hammerhead and was tasked with shooting the back corner runner in each game. He eliminated his guy every single time on the break with the Hammerhead. When the tournament was over, he gave away his smooth polished barrel from a "known" company to some guy he didn't even know!"
Fernando - Capt Junk-Yard Dogs - Australia

"We got 2nd place Amatuer "B" in the forth game of a six game series . We were ranked 9th going in this should bump us up a bit. We shot inferno through our .683 Hammerhead Fin Kit.---NOTHING-- shOOts better. If I missed a shot it was me not my equipment. Chris's SFL went down , Matt's Matrix went down, my Halo died in midgame just when we had them on their hindlegs, but our Hammerheads kept our game together. Good thing we had a couple of back-up guns."
Joe -Team Ambush..

" I am in love with my Hammerhead system! I sold my Freak and CPS barrel systems on Ebay after trying the HH kit. Then I went to the Hammerhead factory team tryouts. Good thing that I had the best barrel system that money can buy because it helped me make the team! We bagged 6th out of 72 teams at Bunkerfest 2 2004. Many thanks to Robert, Lance and all the guys at HAMMERHEAD!
Niki Harrington
Factory Hammerhead Paintball team.

I'm still amazed at how well the Hammerhead barrel works....it is freaking AMAZING.....on my breakouts to the right tape from the far side i could walk up and shoot back at the 2 twentys that were trying to sweetspot my runner to the 30.....my paint was like lazer beams ALL over those players and they couldn't even get paint on me. For about 6 games I was able to put my paint on those two players and take them out..they were trying to mark me but their paint was all over the place while mine was right on target!!!!.......this barrel is not coming off my Timmy!

World Cup 2003 Winners
PAG Factory Team

'This barrel is awesome!'
Alex McLean . Australia
Captain, Junk - Yard Dogs

'Put my 'Freak Kit' on Ebay!'
Brandon Lyon ' Skeleton Crew Team

'Would not shoot any other barrel now that I have a Hammerhead Fin System. It is much lighter than my Boomstick and quieter. Performs very well in the wind. Overall, this is the best barrel I have ever shot. This barrel is sooooooooo tight!'
Malki Emami - Texas Outlaws

'Much better than my boom-stick.'
James Joseph - Bruised

'This is the best barrel I have ever used!'
Tyler Leu - Texas Pressure

'I have been shooting the Hammerhead about 3 weeks now, and it is the best barrel I have ever shot!'
Team Splatmaster

'Much much tighter grouping than any other barrel including my Boomstick and my freak System.'
Phillip TSO - Austin, Texas

'I say I hope no-one I am competing with has this system! My Hammerhead Fin system shoots awesome. I can shoot your hopper in 2 shots at 35 yards!'
Randy - Evolution

'If you want your Spyder to kick hiney, get a hammerhead!'
Ben Garret - Texas Outlaws

'Talk about accuracy!! This is the best barrel in the world!!'
Travis Roberts - Richardson Texas

'As a 15 year player, this barrel has helped my game tremendously. We have been lied to so many times. We finally have a barrel that truly does what it says it does! The ball rotation and ball regeneration section really work.'
Ken Overton - Phd Player

'I have shot and tested the Pipe, the Freak, and the Hammerhead. I will never shoot another barrel than the Hammerhead. It shoots very, very accurately.'
Andy Petit - Maximum Hijinks

'I have been shooting the hammer head barrel for about 6 months now. I have about 9 barrels ( all size bore ). The only barrel I need to use is the hammer head. My marker does not break paint much at all but when it does the hammer head barrel cleans itself after about 2 shots. I snap shoot alot of people but now I can hit 9 out of 10 shots. Any other barrel system, if you break paint in your barrel your done before someone comes and gets you. With the hammer head I don't have to worry. I have had all kinds of barrels. You want to win, go with a winning barrel. Hammer Head is ALL you need.'
Don Follett - Captain, Team UNwanted

'I can hit a spot 1 foot square at 60 yards. Can't believe how accurate this barrel is!'
Gerald Lyons ' Skeleton Crew Team

"It is an extension of your vision. If you can see it, you can hit it"
MONDO - (Animal Paintball)

"The first time I ever shot with a Hammerhead barrel I
had my brother shot at a bunker about 15 to 20 yards away, with the
barrel that came with our guns, so I could compare the two. My brother
shot three quick shots...1st shot went down...2nd shot went
straight...3rd shot went up and to the right. I shot four quick shots
and every paintball went within inches of the others. The paintball's
hit so close together that all the paint touched...."

"HAMMERHEAD BARRELS, these paintstix surpassed and exceeded my expectations and put our paint on target time after time!!!"

"The first time I shot this barrel system I was sold. During the international amateur open I was slinging darts from one end of the field to the other, and it didn't matter what the paint looked like that I was shooting. It was all flying straight!"
Coastal Breakers

"Thanks so much i'll tell you what,it makes for a really fun day when you have a super accurate barrel on your marker and can hit things only other people wish they could hit. I cant even begin to tell you how many people i sweet spotted off the break. Also i was hitting people on the tip of there barrels,tops of there hoppers,any little thing that stuck out from all the way across the field!!! Find another barrel that can do that...This barrel has improved my game tremendously. My kill ratio has gone through the roof!! Thank you and your staff for all you do and I speak for the whole team: you, your barrel and your associates need to take a bow because your barrel has givin a whole new meaning to the sport of paintball.."
Thank you,
Joe Rice
Tsunami Hammerhead

" I cannot begin to say enough good things about the Hammerhead Barrel and the company. You treated me like an old friend at Castle Conquest XVII and once I shot the Hammerhead Barrel I was in love. 9 out 10 heads shots on the silouette at 40yrds. I've used the barrel 3 times in pay since buying it. I have to say the most impressive shooting I have seen do far is when my Dad's Friend asked to shot my marker with the new barrel on it. He hit a rail fence post 4 out of 5 shots at 60yds. The fence post is smaller that a 4"x4"!!!"
Jeffrey Recor

" I did purchase a 12.5" Battlestixxk (mat black) and a black fin. And I have been VERY impressed with the accuracy of the system. In fact, I would say that there is nothing that I have seen that can even touch your riffled barrels. Good job! Thanks,
Trent Hobbs

" Shooting is awesome, out to about 40 feet it puts one ball on top of the other and out to about 90 feet they hit within 3 or 4 inches of each other (splats over lapping). I'm using RPS/PMI Stars which seams to by a good match to the fin. And is it ever quiet. I have sniped people that then look around trying to figure out where it came from. This barrel is FANTASTIC !
Worfman, Chico, CA. USA

" I absolutely love your barrel and fin system. This barrel is not only accurate but also quiet. I have other barrels that I purchased for my Tippman's that I felt were accurate, but the Hammerhead outperforms them by far. Now I don't use anything but my Hammerhead.
Since I purchased mine, several other teammates have purchased them also and are just as happy as I am with theirs. We were at D Day and stopped at your booth and spoke with you for a few minutes. I was able to tell several people there about my experiences with my barrel and recommend the Hammerhead to them Any time I see a post or question on a scenario web site asking about reliable and accurate barrels, I always recommend the Hammerhead.
I purchased my second fin for the A-5 at D Day.
You have a truly quality product. I cannot say enough good about it.
About the only negative thing that has come out of having the Hammerhead, is that I have way too much paint at home now. I don't shoot nearly as much paint as before because I am hitting my targets faster because of the accuracy of the Hammerhead and reliability of the Tippman A-5.
Larry E. Smith

" Hammerhead barrel - Woodsball review

I purchased the Hammerhead 14" Battle Stikxx barrel which is a rifled barrel which has the reverse porting identical to the Hammerhead Pro Series and also uses the "Fin Kit" barrel sizers the only difference is the outside milling and I believe they are available in camo anodizing. I took the Hammerhead out on Father's day for an initial test and to zero my red dot. I was shooting Blaze and it was about 80 degrees and I was using CO2. After determining that I needed the .693 sizer I attached the barrel to my A-5 and stood 75' away from a 12" diameter tree. the barrel was shooting darts, ball on ball so I took about 10 paces back and tried again same thing. I took another 10 paces and it was shooting with almost no deviance to the sides at all and this continued until I reached 175' away from the tree. Even at 175' it was shooting straight to the tree with every 5th or so ball deviating slightly to the right, but still shooting impressively straight. I have a 12" Lapco Bigshot that I was using previously and it would hit the target every 2nd or third ball with the others deviating both right, left up & down.

Saturday I got my opportunity to test it in an outlaw woods game. Again it was about 80 degrees out, I was shooting MidEvil paint which also fit the .693 sizer. the field is wooded with medium thick underbrush, lots of trails and a lot of plywood bunkers. I lined up for the first game and we were playing that the teams line up mid field on opposite sides of the field and on the break every one has 10 seconds to run for cover before the shooting starts. I was designated the lone player on my team to go up the hill to cover our flank as the team attempted a push across the bottom. the horn sounds and I am running full speed up the hill and counting off the seconds, I reached 5 seconds and I hear paint hitting the bunker behind me and decided it was time to dive in. It was a lousy position but provided temporary cover, I popped over the top and saw another runner going up the hill 100' out, the Hammerhead shot so straight it was a ridiculously easy kill. Unfortunately I still had three guns on me and the third one had the angle to hit at least a third of my body even when I pressed in to the bunker. To make it worse, he was shooting at me out of a 2" high x 8" wide shooting port in his bunker. I knew my only chance was to put as much paint thru the hole as possible, I was 50' away and after the game the guy told me that the paint was ripping thru the port hitting his gun several times (gun hits didn't count) before he got me.

Second game, I ran down past mid field on the break and got a great flanking position on a couple of their players. The first one was about 120' away and didn't even see me, I lined up with my red dot and let loose with a volley like I always do when I use the Lapco Bigshot. Usually this would result in 2-3 hits, The Hammerhead put every single ball on the poor guy (I felt bad...kinda) and will have to adjust my style to this new barrel. Then I saw another guy running down a path and again the Hammerhead made short work of him.

I only had time for the two games but every person I shot at was eliminated except the guy in the bunker and I was thoroughly impressed with how uncannily straight this barrel shot. After the second game I let my friends try a few shots, they too shoot A-5's and we all agreed that the Hammerhead shoots WAY better than the Lapco bigshot, J&J ceramic, and the SP All American (we had all of those barrels there Saturday). To balance this out, I still like my Lapco barrel and would recommend them to others, I just like the Hammerhead more. One of the guys was so impressed he is buying the kit this week. I would strongly recommend this to anyone who can afford it, It's not cheap but it shoots straighter than anything I have seen (I previously owned a Flatline too) It does not shoot as far as a flatline but you can effectively hit targets with the Hammerhead up to 175' away.
Mike Kujo

" Hammerhead I got my barrels in today and tested them out.......
oohh my!!! WOW. This thing is the best. Finally, I can shoot straight!!!! I even used crappy paint and did not bust any balls either.

It is a great thing to find a company in the US that actually puts out a high quality product that does what it is supposed to do. Can't wait to get out with the boys and start playing again.
Kirk Ziegler

" I resently read the artical on "Flight of the Paintball"and found it very informative. The part about good paint and a good barrel equals straight shoots, I found to be very true. Last month I purchased a remanufactuerd Brass Eagle marker for (very cheap) and played indoor at a local field. The marker worked great, but the paint went left, right and center (it was good paint). I wasn't too disapointed for the price I payed, but when I screwed in my son's aftermarket 14" counter-bored barrel, every shot went straight. What a difference, it proves you don't need to break the bank to shoot straight. If I hadn't read that artical, I more than likely would have tossed the marker. THANKS

" Just wanted to drop you a line and thank both you and Colin for the great Barrel!! As always.....IT SHOOTS DARTS! I love it....it matches my gun great and shoots even better.

" Good Day Robert,
This is Big Goose from Blues Crew.

We recently received our barrels from you for this year for use on our PIMPS and what a difference it made. The first time I used the PIMP I had only the stock barrel. While it was nice, I had no idea what kind of improvement to expect with the Hammerheads. I received the stainless steel custom Blues Crew kit at Castle conquest.

First off I loved the new barrel. Not only did it look truly mean, it was easy to assemble on the PIMP. But the best aspect was the shooting. The grouping was just amazing. Not only was I able to group at a high rate, the accuracy far exceeded my expectations. I was able to snipe as well as rapid fire with no problems in the barrel. Over the course of the next two events, I have been able to outrange and snipe my opponents while still maintaining legal limits.

Next, the assembly was simple, especially with the template. No more worries about balls in the fin while fitting!

Personally, I think people see the barrel before the rest of the marker as it is in front when I carry it. I have had people stop and gape at its appearance, especially when they see how it shoots.

Thank you for your support of the team, and I hope we can see more of you in the future.

Gary Big Goose Swinfield

" Tis Sir Robin of the Crew.

I believe I was talking to you at Castle Conquest about the kits we are using.
Just an update here in text about what I've seen with them so far.

I'm a mid to long range player (just don't have the knees for up close anymore) and the accuracy with this kit is unbelievable.

I've been playing for close to fifteen years now and this Hammer Head kit is thee best I have ever used. I'm making shots that I could only hope to make before I used this kit.
Over the last couple of events I've had quite a few players asking me about the barrels we use.
There has been'.. interest. Lots of interest.
Range and accuracy being the keys.

My thinks once again for the support and the use of this great kit.

Phil 'Sir Robin' Brown

" Hey Robert,
I met you at your booth on june 4th at the ohio expo. I gotta tell ya,i saw some guys selling barrell kits and the last thing i needed was another barrell kit, however, after listening to you talk I was intriqued. AAfter leaving your booth and returning several more times, I decided to try your kit. Driving home I kicked myself in the ass for falling into the hype of yet another fad of the day. Arriving at home I grabbed my marker and fired off several shots,hmmm not too bad,let me try my stiffie. Stiffie wasnt even close to the same accuracy,so now I grabbed my matchstick kit, wow its not as good as the hammerhead either so...... sunday comes and off to the field I go..me and my 2 teammates that also bought their kits at the expo started talking about how impressed we were with the kits so..... off to the 1st game...8 on 8 xball..lasted about 2 minutes with the win in our favor..12 more games played throughout the day and we never lost a game!!!! robert I have mixed feelings about promoting this kit at my field,only because im not sure I want everyone having a barrell this good.

" I got this barrel for my birthday about 2 weeks ago. I used it this past Saturday and it was amazing. I have an ion and it was 1000 times betterony than the stock barrel. I could put paintballs on top of each other at the length of a speed ball field. All you people out there who think stiffi's are great.well they aren't. My friend put his stiffi on my ion and we matched paint for both barrels. The hammerhead made the stiffi look like a stock barrel on a spyder. I will never go back to any other barrel again. For all you skeptics out there who think rifeling sucks....i purposely broke a paintball and then smeared it in the barrel shot about 5 shots and it was clean as a whistle shooting paint like nothing had ever happened. The only question you will ask when you get this barrel is: Why didn't i buy this years ago?

David - team Random Deletion - Spring, Texas

" I just tried out the Hammerhead barrel, during my little test at about 30 yards it was about 30 degrees outside and the hammerhead barrel still shot better then my stock barrel when it was warm out, i use a phantom so accuracy and range are the 2 most important things to me, the hammerhead barrel definetly succeeded in giving me those 2 things over anything else, The hammerhead barrel not only looks good its light as well and the new pump that came with the kit looks great on my gun, ive heard different thing about the hammerhead before i baught it some good some bad, a few of the bad things were that it had trouble cleaning when a ball broke in the barrel, well i havnt even broken a singal ball in it yet even when rapid pumping however if i were to break one in it im sure it would be fine....all and all the hammerhead barrel kit is the best thing to ever happen to my game and my gun, THANKS HAMMERHEAD