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Barrel Fin Sizer (A5)

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The latest patented design Hammerhead Barrel Fin Sizer is built upon the Auto Cocker thread platform to ensure maximum compatibility and versatility. This innovation seamlessly integrates with all branded Auto Cocker threaded barrels and can be seamlessly paired with an Auto Cocker Hammerhead rifled barrel and reverse ported muzzle.

Hammerhead's Fins (Sizers) are meticulously crafted to harmonize ball size with barrel specifications. Various factors such as ball type, weather conditions, and manufacturer tolerances can influence paintball size. To enhance barrel performance, it's imperative to employ the appropriate sizer for the specific ball used on any given day.  The patented Hammerhead Fins are optimized to align with the air pressure dynamics within the initial two inches of a paintball's trajectory from the marker. Precision machining ensures top-notch quality, proudly made in the USA.

- Add 1-inch overall length
- Female side Auto Cocker
- Male side A5
- Available size: .677, .679, .681, .683, .685, .687