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Shark Tooth Barrel

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The latest patented design Hammerhead Barrel built upon the Auto Cocker thread platform to ensure maximum compatibility and versatility. This innovation seamlessly integrates with all branded Auto Cocker threaded paintball guns and markers. This barrel can be paired with a barrel fin and reverse-ported muzzle.

The Hammerhead SharkTooth is a legendary shortie barrel perfect for the woods or a scenario event. With true spiral rifling for unmatched accuracy, this 7" barrel offers the ultimate in consistency.  The barrel accepts a sizer that can be threaded for most all markers including Phenom, X7, BT products, Spyder, A5, T98, Cocker, Impulse, Ion, and reverse ported muzzle. The shorter barrel competes well with our longer barrels. The "Shortie" rifled barrel provides excellent ball rotation with excellent accuracy. The barrel provides minimal pressure in front of the ball, and the counter-bored muzzle with the reverse ported muzzle provides smooth ball release with minimal turbulence at the barrel exit. The combined barrel features of shortness, rifling, counter-boring, and reverse porting provide a very air-efficient barrel with nice accuracy.

HammerHead® barrels are the most advanced paintball barrels in the industry today.  Our barrels are manufactured to exact tolerances for accuracy, sound displacement, and weight. Each barrel is carefully milled, micro-honed, and polished to ensure these tolerances do not deviate from our engineering parameters. Under development for more than 6 years, HammerHead® is the state of the art in barrel engineering. We invite you to test our barrel against the current line of competitors and discover for yourself why we believe this barrel will be the last one you'll buy. Made in USA.

Features Include:
- 7" Barrel Rifled (With Thread Cover)
- Micro-honed
- Counter-Bored
- Reverse Ported
- Auto Cocker Thread  (Gun End)
- 22MMX1 Thread (Muzzle End)

Accepts Shrouds and Hammerhead Muzzle Breaks